• We want to thank you again for making Taylor's senior pictures a great experience! In all honesty, to say we did our senior pictures on Sunday seems like an understatement of a lifetime. To say we spent the day with fantastic artists who created, styled, and photographed my daughter all while making her feel like she was the only girl they ever wanted/needed to photograph, and made her look and feel like a princess in the process would be far more accurate.
  • I just looked through everything and I am speechless, breathless, thrilled, touched to the core.  These are fabulous! And SO worth the wait! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Thank you so much! You make your clients feel so personally appreciated. I am so thankful we found you for this special time in our lives! Your images will be appreciated for YEARS to come!
  • Heather has a unique ability to make her subjects feel at ease, as if they were in presence of a close friend, but at the same time she knows how to make an average woman look and feel like a supermodel.
  • Our journey to become parents was quite the three-year rollercoaster! When I finally got pregnant with our sweet miracle, Julianne Faith, I definitely wanted maternity pictures. I always knew I’d call Heather to do it. I had seen her work and couldn’t wait until it was my turn! I will treasure those pictures of my growing belly for the rest of my life. Heather took photos of Julianne just a few days after she was born… and words can’t even describe how much those pictures mean to us. Since then, we’ve done family photos, Julianne’s one and two year photos and soon we’ll welcome our son to the world and Heather will be right there to capture his first moments. We look forward to the years ahead working with Heather and couldn’t imagine working with anyone else! She’s become a very important part of our family and we feel so lucky to know her.
  • Heather, The December HERLIFE is out and I just want to thank you for the lovely photographs - you are a wonderful artist and I appreciate your work! Thanks so much!
  • Take a look at photographer Heather Morrow's work, and you'll find some things conspicuously absent. You won't see her subjects arranged in a stair-step fashion. You won't see teeth clenched into face-aching perma-smiles. You won't see fuzzy effects erasing every wrinkle and stray hair. What you will see in Morrow's photographs is straight into the heart and soul of each face and each object- an in-road that tells a story all by itself.
  • Heather is a brilliant photographer with a brilliant mind. She has a passion for photography that is unprecedented. She has exceeded my thoughts, my vision, and my expectations on every photoshoot. She is currently getting national attention, which she more than deserves. Heather can tell a story through images that will leave one with goosebumps, as seen with her photos of Delice and Braden Hofen on the cover of the July issue of HERLIFE Magazine. I never think twice when it comes to working with Heather, she is unbelievably talented!

Johnson 2014 08 184_Kansas City Photographer Heather Morrow