Style is everything.  In more ways than one. Every photographer has his or her own style and that style should mesh well with what you, the client, are looking for. If traditional is what you're after we'll gladly assist you with a referral as Heather's style is anything but traditional. Storytelling images filled with personality and emotion is more likely what you'll find when looking at her work.

Relying solely on natural light and shooting primarily on-location keeps Heather's work fresh. Her clients have come to expect the unexpected. Allowing Heather creative freedom ensures that each session is unique and personal. Her ability to think creatively often results in some of her client's favorite images.  

Clients turn to Heather for advice on what to wear for their portraits and Heather often styles her clients herself based on a location or a look she and the client are trying to achieve. It's that collaboration between photographer and client that make the experience with Heather stand out.      


Whether she's shooting a busy toddler or a high school senior, Heather's approach to a session never changes. It's all about fun. With loads of patience and lots of energy she'll make a photo session feel more like an afternoon with an old friend. 

After the photo shoot, an ordering session is scheduled. Clients rely on us for guidance when choosing how and where to display their images and the ordering session allows us to guide you through the decision-making process. We have samples of prints and products on hand and we're happy to lend advice on groupings, sizes, black and white vs. color, etc. Ordering sessions can take at our studio or even at a local coffee shop. 

The creative process continues after an ordering session as we expertly re-touch your images. You can expect images that are flawless, but never overdone. 

In addition to prints, we offer a variety of other products such as fine art canvas, image boxes, albums, holiday cards and more. Payment is due at the time an order is placed and prints are ready in approximately two weeks. Products such as fine art canvas, image boxes and albums can take an additional 7-10 days. 


Q:  Does Heather shoot weddings and events?

A:  No, but her assistant, Kyndall, does! Contact us for more information.

Q:  Does Heather shoot large groups or extended families?

A:  No, but we can provide you with a list of referrals. 

Q:  Should I have my makeup done by a professional?

A:  Absolutely! We highly recommend using a professional makeup artist for your portrait session. The makeup we wear every day is quite different than the makeup needed for camera. A professional makeup artist will conceal any blemishes and play up your best features, leaving you looking and feeling flawless. We work with some of Kansas City's most talented makeup artists. Contact us for a referral.

Q:  What if it rains the day of my session?

A:  Because light is such a key element in our style we do rely on nice weather. We start watching the forecast a few days before your session. If it rains, if the sky is extremely overcast or the heat index is unusually high we simply reschedule. Because we book a limited number of sessions each week there is typically room to reschedule within a week or two of your original date.

Q:  Are digital files available for purchase?

A:  Digital files are available for purchase after a $1500 print order. 


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